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Grace Warren Designs

Monday, April 25, 2011

Reward board

So I have been putting this off for WAY TOO LONG.  I bought a reward board and my DH put it up and it has been sitting on the wall blank for weeks.  I have so many ideas of what I want to put on this reward board for my kids.  I guess my worry is that I will put it all together and either have a better idea (doesn't happen very often) or I will put it together and it will not work at all with our kids.

Basically I want my children to behave as the little angels I know that they have in there somewhere.  But they have proven to me in the past few weeks that I need to change something if I want them to be the little angels that I know that they have the potential to be.  So now I am scrolling through sites to get ideas on how to set this up.  I have a few things (behaviors) that I want my 5 year old daughter to work on:

♥Being nice to younger brother
♥Not interrupting when others talk
♥saying thank you on her own
♥helping out with chores on her own
♥memorizing her address and my cell #

My little man has a little more to work on
♥potty training (okay, this is itself needs its own chart)
♥not whining so much
♥being nice to his sister
♥listening to mommy and daddy
♥staying in bed how do I get all of this on there? 

Do I do it per day
♦ or ♦
reward when they do it ten times?

Off to brainstorm!

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